To-do List!
  • Make a Secret Police Shrine! (Himitsu Keisatsu!!).
  • Make and art gallery page.
  • Make assets for my oc page and work on it.
  • Make a Diary page.
  • Updates!

    8/23/23 - Added a proper about me page!! it has all my interests and other things abt me :D

    8/19/23 - Finally added an art gallery page !!! I can't wait to keep adding to it !!!

    8/17/23 - Added my Status Cafe and my Guestbook!(I also changed the music back to 水TEMPLES becuse I missed it)

    8/12/23 - Even tho It's such a tiny change I wanted to start off and finally add a custom cursor! Thought this Usagi one I found was perfect! >:3 I also changed the title on the top. It will possibly change again untill I find somethn solid tho.

    8/10/23 - First changes made on my new PC!! Just changed around a few things so it looks less wonky on my end. (It may or may not look terrible everywhere else tho ) :')

    7/23/23 - Decided for a change of music, may or may not change it again lol.

    7/21/23 - It's my Birthday! I finished and added the Secret Police Shrine, check it out if ya want!

    7/17/23 - Separated the Updates and To-do list and added a few more things there!

    7/16/23 - Added a proper updates section and To Do list!

    Welcome to The Moon.

    Heyo I'm Pink! Welcome to my site! enjoy your stay!!!

    If you'd like to know more about me check out my about me!

    but feel free to leave a message in the chatbox and say hi!

    My site is always under construcion, so appologies in advance if anything is wonky !!

    Just the usual DNI, Nsfw, Pros, other bad stuff, ect.

    Below is Stuff I'm into and Mutuals


    Placeholder lol